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Future-Proof Your Leadership: Get Custom GenAI Manager Training with Ahura

Fast-track your team's success in the digital age with GenAI and help them learn three to five times faster. Through expert-led training, they will master cutting-edge tools such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, Midjourney, and more, unlocking innovation with best practices in AI utilization.

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Start Customizing Your AI Training Today

Personalized Learning for Every Team Member

Ahura AI's adaptive learning program tailors the GenAI training experience to each individual, ensuring they gain skills most critical to their role.

  • 1-day executive masterclass: Equip your leaders with a foundational understanding of GenAI and its strategic applications.
  • 4-week manager cohort intensive: Deepen your managers' GenAI expertise through collaborative learning and real-world scenario application.
  • Enterprise wide async training at scale: Use our asynchronous learning platform to scale up GenAI knowledge across your workforce.

Leadership Skills for the Digital Age

Ahura’s training program gives your team the skills and confidence to succeed in the GenAI world. This personalized, data-driven guide goes beyond basic AI skills. We focus on building core competencies critical for today’s leaders:

  • Discovery & Analysis: Our experts assess your current leadership landscape and identify GenAI integration opportunities.
  • Strategic Innovation: Leverage GenAI to identify growth opportunities and disrupt your industry.
  • Virtual Team Leadership: Motivate and empower dispersed teams for peak performance.
  • Change Management: Foster a culture of digital adoption and navigate complex transitions. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Harness GenAi Insights to make informed strategic choices. 
  • Bespoke Department Use Cases: Explore tailored applications of GenAI across your organization, maximizing the return on investment.
Create your team's personalized leadership plan with Ahura today and unlock their full potential for the digital future.

Our Experts


Bryan Talebi

Chief Executive Officer | Co-founder

Nasa at age 16, Sales lead for 2 Unicorns


Alex Tsado

Chief Operations & Product Officer |

2024 Top 100 Futurists of African Descent, Led Nvidia's first Cloud AI team, 2020 Keynote speaker at the UN


De Kai

Chief Technology Officer

Top 20 Global AI expert, Built pioneer models behind Google Translate, Taught AI PhDs for 35  years

Maria Laws Director of Learning Experience Design

Maria Laws

Vice President of Learning & Development

Education 2.0 Summit Outstanding leadership in Education Award 2023, Regeneron International Educator of Merit 2021


Leading at your best in the age of GenAI

Get ready to level up your team and get ahead of the curve with Ahura AI's GenAI mangement Training.